Young offender warned it’s time to stop

A ROCKHAMPTON Magistrate on Tuesday warned a 22-year-old man he "may as well throw away the key" if he continued with his crime spree.

Shane Michael Clifford Wooler walked free from prison after serving six months pre-sentence custody for a series of 14 offences over a three-month period beginning in July last year.

Police prosecutor Senior Constable Shaun Janes told the court Wooler was intercepted by police at 12.15am on August 23 when he informed police he had consumed a quantity of alcohol before running away.

"When he was informed he was being detained he looked directly at police before he turned and ran in the opposite direction," Mr Janes said.

He said police had to give chase and call back-up to physically restrain Wooler who kicked, pushed and spat at a police officer's hand while on the ground.

Wooler's licence was demerit point suspended and he recorded a blood-alcohol content of 0.158%.

The court heard Wooler targeted a bogged vehicle at North Rockhampton on August 29 when he smashed a window and stole a laptop from inside.

Wooler sped away from a police car at 2.40am on a month later when he told police his passenger was carrying drugs and he panicked when he saw the light and sirens.

"His passenger informed him he was carrying drugs so in a panicked state he fled away from police," Ms Janes said. "It was a clear attempt to flee from police."

Defence lawyer Mitchell Jamison said Wooler had been at a party and left with an old girlfriend before he was intercepted.

"He was heavily intoxicated and wasn't thinking straight," Mr Jamison said.

Wooler pleaded guilty to all 14 offences including breaching bail and protection orders, failing to appear in court, property and traffic offences and assaulting and obstructing police.

"Obviously you have a behaviour problem," Magistrate Cameron Press told Wooler.

"You can't afford to go down that track again, you may as well just throw away the key if you keep committing these types of offences.

"It's time you got your behaviour under control, you are too young to be serving long terms of imprisonment."

Wooler was sentenced to a 14-month prison sentence with immediate parole, 80 hours community service, disqualified from driving for two years and fined $800.