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Retaining our history

IT SEEMS some in our community, including developers, will not be content until Yeppoon loses its charming and easy-living identity and becomes a sterile and mundane mini Gold Coast. Would the travelling tourist look forward to stopping over in Childers if that town's main street buildings were all replaced by the boxlike ones popping up around our coastline like cubist toadstools?

The latest attack on the wrecks in Ross and Fig Tree Creeks are a case in point. They were part of our heritage and history. No tourist and few locals venture past the mouth of either creek as I have done in my little dinghy and wondered about the past life of these wrecks that were then a haven for marine creatures.

The main threat to the creeks' environs is run-off from light industry on Tanby Rd and wash-down detergents, insecticides and pesticides from some in the Taranganba area.

I first came to Yeppoon 55 years ago when swimming between the bridge and creek mouth was very popular before the above problems existed.

Swimming now is not recommended, particularly on the run-out tide. Tom Wyatt's concerns are minimal. When he and I were young we were barefooted and falling out of trees. Today's kids would not risk their Nike runners and mobile phones to hide under a boat.

The boats and old jetties are a living, albeit small, maritime museum steeped in early history.

T. Donoghue,

Hidden Valley

After-school football

WHAT a fantastic idea by Jon Dalton in engaging the young people to tackle sports and keep them occupied and providing a barbecue as well.

Terrific effort Jon and I hope they all appreciate your time and having someone to guide them who has been in their situation is a great bonus.

Jan Edwards,


Boundary shake-up

LIVINGSTONE Shire Council has just handed down its budget which is a bit of a hot topic.

With the proposed surrendering of Shoalwater Bay, St Lawrence and Ogmore to the ADF, plus the possibility of the Queensland Government directing the LSC to give some of its northern boundaries to Rockhampton, both of these actions will have a profound impact on LSC's rate base.

This reduction in LSC's rateable income could result in being forced into amalgamation again. Been there, done that, which turned out a one-sided rate grab with little infrastructure funding in return and LSC got out.

Rockhampton council has never utilised the potential of its area and held back growth. As I have stated before, the viable option for this central region is for the government to disband the Rockhampton council and divide Rockhampton into two new shires.

Use the Fitzroy River as the new shire's boundaries, the north side of the river to be incorporated under the control of the LSC and the old Fitzroy Shire council to be reformed with Mount Morgan incorporated to take control of the southern side of the Fitzroy River. This will give a viable rate base for both new shires.

Until we get rid of one narrow-minded parochial council and replace it with two progressive councils, this region will not progress.

N.W.H. Timms,


Local legend

JACK Newton's recent heroic deed reminds me of a rescue made by legendary WWII Lancaster bomber pilot Eric Jarman who, at the same age and a Yeppoon lifesaver, rescued a young girl, Susan Turnbull, from a near drowning in Ross Creek in 1933. (See TROVE The Central Queensland Herald, Thursday 9 Feb 1933 p41.) Well done, Jack.

John Phillips,


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