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Ramp woes

I READ your article in the Mirror and I have to agree with Vicki Malone, the new ramp that was built on Adelaide Park Rd has been an exercise of wasted money.

I also travel past this corner nearly twice a day and have watched this 'opera house' exercise go on for weeks, and if I was asked how to do this job I would have done it a different way. Firstly, I would have cut the cost of the job by 10.

I live not too far away from this eyesore and all you have to do is go to Bettacrete in Rockhampton and buy some gutter slabs plus a seating bar and fit them to the gutter, a lot of houses have these to drive into their houses.

But council still have a problem, there are no footpaths anywhere near this corner. So to avoid putting a footpath in, we got a very unsafe monstrosity built at ratepayers' expense.

There are other maintenance jobs around Yeppoon that need looking after, not wasting money on all the things going on around the seafront.

- R. O'Grady, Yeppoon

Access blocked

I AM in my 80s and live at the end of Adelaide Park Rd. I often find it difficult to walk down to the local doctors and now that job has gotten even harder because I am now being forced to walk out onto the road on a busy corner to go around the ramp that has been built on Adelaide Park Rd.

I don't think anyone has put any thought into this construction. I for one am very, very disappointed in what council has done.

- G. Worrall, Yeppoon

Splitting the state not such a bad idea

A RECENT letter in a Brisbane paper suggests that Queensland be divided into two states with the state of North Queensland coming into being.

Robbie Katter raised the issue in State Parliament and the media.

At first I didn't agree, but upon further reflection I think it's a good idea.

If the government would hold a plebiscite in the north to gauge the opinion there, and it produces a YES result, then the proceedings could be put in place to create the new state.

Following upon that, councils that were amalgamated could be de-amalgamated if the people affected wished to do so. It's a great idea all round.

It would be difficult to prove that dividing the state would be any different than dividing the amalgamated councils. I say: "Bring it on.”

- Jay Nauss, Glen Alpine

Neuter drug addicts

A REPORT in the Courier Mail (9/03) stated during 2016-17, some 456 newborn babies were removed from the ice-addicted parents, about 10 a week.

These actions to protect children are an increasing burden on the people of Queensland and is ongoing because of drug addiction.

Of course, we have some misguided folk who support drug addicts and claim that they are the victims. I disagree, because every teenager knows that drugs are addictive yet many still choose to become drug takers and drift into the dark world of addiction.

Society needs to discuss minimising all drug taking and, more importantly, stop addicts having children that are born drug-dependent.

There is one sure way to prevent this, and that is medical intervention.

When an addict gives birth to a drug-dependent newborn, the woman has the fallopian tubes tied, and the male involved, most likely also a drug addict, has a similar medical procedure.

Should the woman again give birth to a baby that is drug dependent, then cut both tubes thereby removing any future occurrence.

The government must harden, not soften, legislation and regulations because past social engineering that has weakened laws and regulations against the increasing behaviours and actions is unacceptable to society.

For nearly four decades, Labor has softened consequences against poor, unacceptable behaviour and actions contrary to social expectation, and then 20years ago the environmental Greens upped the ante, imposing higher social engineering conditions.

Think carefully about the social direction we are following, all due to poor governance from our state and national governments in the past.

- Robert S. Buick, Mountain Creek